Welcome to BossChix Network!

We are mothers, sisters, daughters and we know that our realities are not found in TV screens, but our realities are formed through our actions, our investment in ourselves, our families, and our communities. The BossChix Network will celebrate the women who are holding down their families, building up their communities, and making names for themselves in their own way.

You might ask, why do we need a BossChix Network? Here are but a couple of reasons:

  1. As women, we need to be more open about how we’ve accomplished and achieved the successes in our lives. It’s no secret that it takes hard work, but it often takes much more than that. It does take a strong network, it takes a safe space or an “executive board” as I like to call it, where you can share your doubts, get feedback on some of your strategic tactics, and in general seek and give support.
  1. More of us could be successful if we shared a Blueprint kind of strategy. One of my favorite women is Melinda Gates. She’s well known for unending passion and commitment to women and girls across the globe. She’s quoted as saying “When you get women in roles of leadership, we make things happen. It takes us using our voice, and it also takes us making investments, huge investments, in women and girls.” She is known for her philanthropic efforts for women in developing countries, but I have to believe that in many ways this quote applies to all women, and particularly to us as women who have some measure of success. I owe it to more junior colleagues to share my probably not so unique experience of navigating corporate meetings with IT developers where I was often the only woman and certainly the only woman of color. My hope is that by sharing my story and how I faced the challenge of often being viewed as the “note taker”, she will not hesitate to speak up for herself as I once hesitated.21910907593_031f378521_z
  1. There are not enough images of successful everyday women being promoted. If you’re not a celebrity, aspiring to be a celebrity on some level, or somehow in the entertainment industry then it is increasingly difficult for young girls to find images and paths to model successfully.

So BossChix Network will aim to make investments in women, by sharing our stories and blueprints, by serving as a resource for self-improvement, an outlet for solutions to many of the unique challenges we face (both serious and minor) and finally a positive space where women can support each other. All topics won’t be so deep and esoteric, lol! We will have fun here also, we have tips on how to Travel like a Boss, Entertain like a Boss, personal finances, and taking some of the chaos out of hectic living. Join us on this journey, it will be worth it!



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